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No one ever enters a marriage thinking it will end. It is stressful, emotional, and many of our clients just want it to be over so that they can begin the healing process. There are options to the traditional divorce and civil litigation. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) refers to a number of methods used to settle marital and family issues outside the civil court system. These include:


In the simplest of terms, mediation is a process where a couple agrees to a settlement. In many cases, mediation can be quicker and less expensive than a traditional divorce. While that may sound appealing it is important to remember than many couples struggle to agree on the terms of their settlement. The mediator will work with the couple to help achieve a settlement but will not impose a result. Not every situation will be a fit for mediation, we will assist you in selecting the best dispute resolution process.
Arbitration occurs when the couple wants to submit their issues to a third-party for a final decision but prefers to remain outside the labyrinthian court system. cannot agree on terms of mediation. Each spouse will present their case to an arbitrator who will render a decision. This decision can be nonbinding, meaning the spouses can reject the decision, or binding, meaning the couple agrees to abide by the decision.
Each stage of this process requires preparation, execution and high-level decision-making, weighing costs and benefits and anticipating consequences. Kornitzer Family Law approaches mediation and arbitration like a trial: meticulously preparing the case, researching relevant law and weaving material facts into a compelling narrative asserting your cause.
Robert B. Kornitzer is an active and recognized litigator, mediator and arbitrator, he has the skills and experience to guide you to the best choice for your situation.

WHY choose ADR?

There are many benefits to choosing ADR including:
  • Cost effective
  • More timely
  • Reduces stress
  • Allows you to tell your story
  • Confidential

Why do I need a lawyer when choosing ADR?

It is important to remember that even if you choose an alternative dispute resolution you need a trusted ally, someone who can advocate on your behalf. These matters are complex and there are many steps that need to be followed. Remember, you don’t need to go through this alone.

When it comes to something this important, trust the experience of Kornitzer Family Law. We have the skills, experience and resources needed to provide you with compassionate legal service in Bergen County, Passaic County and throughout New Jersey.

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