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The old idiom knowledge is power still rings true, especially as it relates to family law. Knowledge is critically important to protect your assets and way of life. Information and planning can provide peace of mind and save you from potential pitfalls and headaches.

This blog is intended to provide you with knowledge and information in order to prepare for some of the more common issues and situations you may encounter. It is important to note that every family and situation is different. The information provided here should not be considered legal advice in your case. Call us today to review the particulars of your situation.

The New Alimony Reform Act

The Reality of “Changed Circumstances” and the new Alimony Reform Act authored by – Robert B. Kornitzer, Esq. and Caitlin Dettmer When the spouse paying alimony seeks to reduce his

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Understanding the Bezos Divorce

The recent announced divorce of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos from his wife Marianne of 35 years provides important lessons for all married couples; especially those of high net worth. Understand

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